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The “European Scientific Journal”, ESJ is a peer reviewed open access journal which accepts high quality research articles. The journal is issued monthly and is available to all researchers who are interested in publishing their scientific attainments. Supporting the concept of interdisciplinarity we welcome submissions in different academic areas. All articles must be in English, French or Spanish and have an English abstract.

In the past few years, thousands of academicians, from over 120 countries around the globe, have published their papers in the European Scientific Journal, ESJ. The excellent and agile team, composed of distinguished researchers, from more than 400 universities worldwide, is crucial to the prestigious status that our journal enjoys.

Every month, three issues of the ESJ are uploaded on our website, embracing different academic disciplines and facilitating the cutting edge concepts of interdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity. They are:

  • Issue 1: Economics, Law and Education
  • Issue 2: Humanities
  • Issue 3: Life Sciences


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Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice

The European Scientific Journal (“ESJ”) is committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and takes all possible measures against any publication malpractices. All authors submitting their works to the “ESJ” for publication as original articles attest that the submitted works represent their authors’ contributions and have not been copied or plagiarized in whole or in part from other works. The authors acknowledge that they have disclosed all and any actual or potential conflicts of interest with their work or partial benefits associated with it. In the same manner, the “ESJ” is committed to objective and fair peer - review of the submitted for publication works and to prevent any actual or potential conflict of interests between the editorial and review personnel and the reviewed material. Any departures from the above-defined rules should be reported directly to the Editor-in-Chief, who is unequivocally committed to providing swift resolutions to any of such a type of problems.


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Publisher: European Scientific Institute, ESI.
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Invited Editorial: Responding to Incivility in the Classroom: A Case Study Rabow, Jerome (UCLA Emeritus prof.) and Keisha E. Payne (UCLA, BA)


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ESJ Reviewer of the year 2015: Antoni Vidal Sune, Rovira i Virgili University, Spain and Gerry Coulter, Bishop’s University, Canada


ESJ/ESI became partners of World Academy of Art and Science


The European Scientific Journal has been included in the Polish Ministry of Education journals` list.


European Scientific Institute, ESI 5th Anniversary.


ESJ Editorial Board 2015


ESJ Special edition. Published papers of Pan-American Interdisciplinary Conference, 13-16 March 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


ESJ Special edition. Published papers of Eurasian Forum on Law and Economics, 19-21 February 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia.


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European Scientific Institute, ESI becomes member of ICORE (International Community for Open Research and Education).


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Memo of understanding with the European University of Tirana, Albania

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April /2013:

"ESJ`s representative office established at the University of the Azores, Portugal (Coordinator: Jose Noronha Rodrigues)

March /2013:

" Call for papers launched, ESJ`s special edition with the Grigol Robakidze University, Tbilisi Georgia" (Project Coordinators: Jovan Shopovski, Nino Kermetelidze)

February /2013:

"Call For Papers", ISF International Scientific Forum, December, 2013,  Tirana, Albania (

January /2013:

"Call For Papers", ESF, Eurasian Scientific FORUM, 24-26 Octiber, 2013,  Tbilisi, Georgia (


Scientific Cooperation with University "Stefan cel Mare", Suceava, Romania


Memo of understanding with Vitrina University, Tirana, Albania


“ESJ” website in September 2012 have been visited by more than 8.000 researchers from more than 60 countries worldwide.


Project: "ESJ" in Spanish. Authors can submit papers in Spanish (with English abstract) (Project coordinator: Mr. Cristian Redi, Professor at the University Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, Argentina)


"Call For Papers", AIIC Annual international interdisciplinary conference, 24, 25, 26 April, 2013,  Azores Islands, Portugal (


Project: "ESJ" in French. Authors can submit papers in French (with English abstract)
(Project coordinator: Mr. Bouabre Gnoka Modeste, Professor at the University of Cocody, Abidjan Ivory Cost)


Cooperation with GALE - A world leader in e-research and educational publishing


Memo of understanding with Jazan University, Saudi Arabia


EURODOC (European Council of doctoral candidates and junior researchers), Annual General Meeting, 21-25 March 2012, Krakow, Poland


Common project: Joint scientific edition with Univerzity "Grigol Robakidze", Tbilisi, Georgia "ESJ" February 2012 /Special/ edition Vol.8 No.2

(Project coordinator: Mrs. Nino Kemertelidze, Mr. Jovan Shopovski)


"Student Exchange Agreement" and "Memo of Understanding" - Signed by European Scientific Institute and University "Grigol Robakidze", Tbilisi, Georgia


New Office Of International Relations opened: 55 Park Hill Sw4 9ns Clapham Common, London, United Kingdom


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Cooperation with "PI - NET", Hungary (Postgraduate International Network)


"Memo of Understanding" - Signed by European Scientific Institute and University of the Azores, Portugal


Common project with Univerzity "Grigol Robakidze", Tbilisi, Georgia "ESJ" July /Special/ edition vol.19 and vol.20

(Project coordinator: Mrs. Nino Kemertelidze, Mr. Jovan Shopovski)


Common Project with University "Aleksander Moisiu", Faculty of Education, Durres, Albania "ESJ" June /Special/ edition vol. 16 and vol.17.

(Project coordinator: Mr Edi Puka, Mr.Dejan Marolov)


Common Project with University "Aleksander Moisiu", Faculty for professional studies, Durres, Albania "ESJ" May /Special/ edition vol. 14.

(Project coordinator: Mrs. Kseanela Sotirofski, Mr. Dejan Marolov)


Cooperation with Faculty of Economics, University "Luigj Gurakuqi" , Shkoder, Albania


Cooperation with Faculty of Economics, University of Korca "Fan S Noli" , Albania


Common Project with University "Aleksander Moisiu", Faculty for professional studies, Durres, Albania, "ESJ" April /Special/ edition vol. 11 and vol.12 .

(Project coordinator: Mrs. Kseanela Sotirofski, Mr. Jovan Shopovski)


Conference organized by "Egalite" - Society for equal opportunities, Skopje, Macedonia.

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Papers Retrieved
Investigation Of Athletes Organizational Citizenship Behavior PDF
Ridvan Ekmekci, Sumeyra Orhan
Could Partipative Decision Making Be Solution For Organizational Silence Problem? PDF
Mehtap Sarıkaya, Sabahat Bayrak Kök
Validity Of A Paranoid Thoughts Due To Social Violence Scale In Juarez Mexico PDF
Oscar Armando Esparza Del Villar, Marisela Gutiérrez Vega, Priscila Montañez Alvarado, Irene Concepción Carrillo Saucedo
Work-Family Conflict And Burnout In Turkish Banking Industry PDF
Hatice Coban, Ayse Irmis
An Evaluation Of The Relationship Between Budget Deficits And External Debt: The Case Of Turkey And Spain PDF
Sinan Cukurcayir
Calculation Of Economic Well-Being Using Nonparametric Approach PDF
Andrea Vondrová, Eduard Nežinský
Internal Debt Issue And Sustainability Of Internal Debts: After 2000 Turkey Sample PDF
Zafer Donmez
The Relationship Between Unemployment And Economic Performance Of The Slovak Regions: Does The Disparity Matter? PDF
Ľubomír Darmo
The Dutch Disease: An Overview PDF
Zuzana Brinčíková
Performance Evaluation Of Research Assistants By Copras Method PDF
Arzu Organ, Engin Yalçın
Components For An Educational Research. A Proposal PDF
Armando Ulises Cerón Martínez, Luis Arturo Guerrero Azpeitia
The Examination Of The Schools In Denizli According To University Entrance Exam By Multivariate Statistical Methods PDF
Ferda Esin Gülel, Atalay Çağlar
Binary Higher Education System In The Republic Of Croatia With Emphasize On The Professional Higher Education PDF
Željka Vajda Halak, Danijela Romić
Introducing The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Adolescent-Restructured Form (MMPI-ARF) PDF
Robert P. Archer
Genderlect Investigation In Susan Glaspell's A Jury of Her Peers PDF
Meryem Ayan
Hospital Efficiency In Turkey: Metafrontier Analysis PDF
Halil Tunca, Filiz Yesilyurt
Adolescent Migrants In The North Border Of Mexico: A Psychological Perspective PDF
Marisela Gutiérrez Vega, Oscar Armando Esparza Del Villar, Priscila Montañez Alvarado, Irene Concepción Carrillo Saucedo
Economy And Moral Education In Early Republican Period Of Turkey PDF
Serhat Kumbal, Mehmet Temel
Turkey’s Pursuits Of Alternative Gas Suppliers: Central Gas Hub Project? PDF
Mehmet Ferhat Fırat
A Study On Cosmetic Virtual Product Purchase In Multiplayer Online Battle Area Games PDF
Mustafa Atahan Yılmaz
Impact Of Economic Freedom On Economic Development: A Nonparametric Approach To Evaluation PDF
Andrea Vondrová, Elena Fifeková
Competition Law Applications And Encountered Problems In Turkey In The Perspective Of Business Concerns And Personal Consumers PDF
Ayhan Kortunay, Nevin Kortunay
Gaining Ghost Town of Tourism Economics Northern Cyprus Varosha City PDF
Sülün Evinç Torlak
How Slovak Economic Development (Did Not) Contributed To Its Employment Growth PDF
Martin Hudcovský, Elena Fifeková
Participatory Land Use Planning in Natural Hazard’s Fragile Context: A Case Study of Kalam, Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Jawed Iqbal, Ismail Khan, Muhammad Bilal Khurshed, Sadaf Saleem
The Effects Of The Law No. 6360 On Metropolitan Municipality System In Turkey PDF
Pınar Savaş-Yavuzçehre
Investigation Of Open Green Recreation Spaces’ In Urban Environment With The Context Of Healthy City Planning: Case Of Turkey PDF
Yeliz Ilgar
Todim Method For The Selection Of The Elective Courses PDF
Esra Aytaç Adali, Ayşegül Tuş Işik, Nilsen Kundakci
Eco-Efficiecy: Are We Converging? PDF
Eduard Nežinský, Martin Hudcovský
What Croatian farmers think about situation in agriculture? PDF
Ružica Lončarić, Zdenko Lončarić, Zrinka Tolušić
The Qualiflex Method For The Insurance Company Selection Problem PDF
Ayşegül Tuş Işik, Esra Aytaç Adali
The Conception Of Balkanization Within The EastWest Axis PDF
Rezzan Ayhan Türkbay
Institutionalization Of Sport Clubs: Case Study Of Sport Managers PDF
Dağlı Ekmekçi Yeter Aytül
Forming The Quality Of Life In Slovakia After Entering The EU PDF
Vieroslava Holková, Matej Valach, Alexandra Veselková
Measuring Internet Service Quality Of E-Commerce Web Sites By Using E-S-Qual In Turkey PDF
Nevin Kortunay
Formal Education Of Administrative Officials In The Republic Of Croatiatopic Article PDF
Danijela Romić, Željka Vajda Halak
Answer From Entities Of The Public Finance Sector To The Idea Of New Public Governance – The Bsc In The Public Sector PDF
Anna Stronczek, Elżbieta Marcinkowska
CSR Disclosure: A Temporal Analysis of Italian Listed Companies Websites PDF
Katia Furlotti, Federica Balluchi
Enhancing Interprofessional Relationships Between Nurses And Resident–Physicians In Graduate Medical Education PDF
Agatha Parks-Savage, Linda R. Archer
The Bible As A Green Text? PDF
Paul M. Lipowski
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Publisher: European Scientific Institute, ESI.
ESI cooperates with Universities and Academic Centres on 5 continents.